Sinclair Day

January 29, 2019

Charities – reducing input VAT

Charities pay VAT on all standard-rated goods and services they buy from VAT-registered businesses. They pay VAT at a reduced rate (5%) or the ‘zero rate’ on some goods and services. Charities pays 5% VAT on fuel and power if they’re
January 29, 2019

Who pays Income Tax in Scotland?

According to HMRC, individuals pay Scottish Income Tax if they live in Scotland. Care should be taken when considering the phrase "live in Scotland". In particular, you may also pay Scottish Income Tax if you: - move to or from Scotland,- live in a
January 29, 2019

Maximum AIA calculations for split accounting periods

The recent, and temporary, increase in the AIA to £1m from 1 January 2019 creates computational issues if a trader's accounting period straddles this date. The following example published by HMRC illustrates one variant that you may encounter when
January 28, 2019

Government outlines new proposals to protect pregnant women and new parents against redundancy

The government has launched a consultation seeking views on new proposals to extend redundancy protection for pregnant women and new parents. As the law currently stands, employees who are placed at risk of redundancy when they are absent on