The Name Label Company

A family-run business based in the Cotswolds specialising in supplying high-quality name labels.

About us:

We’re The Name Label Company and we specialise in supplying high-quality name labels. We pride ourselves on our excellent products, speed of service, customer care and sustainability values. A family-run business based in the Cotswolds, we’re passionate about what we do and the difference we can make to peoples’ lives.

Why did you decide to change your firm of accountants?

With our previous accountants we found we couldn’t trust the numbers. They responded if we asked them questions but rarely contacted us. Sinclair Day was recommended to us, not once but twice!

What difference has Sinclair Day made to your business?

We’ve been using Sinclair Day for 2 years now and the experience has been incredibly positive. They’re so pro-active and will approach us if they think there is something we need to know. We have quarterly visits from Andrew and he really understands our business. Above all I can now say that I trust our figures 100% which is really empowering.

As a small business we appreciate the personal touch that Sinclair Day offers. It doesn’t matter which member of the team we talk to, they are all as knowledgeable as each other.

We were completely new to Xero but Sinclair Day set us all up. Stefan the Xero Hero is well-named! He is absolutely fantastic. He trained all of us on the new system and we now know exactly what we’re doing with Xero.

Would you recommend Sinclair Day to others?

I’ve recommended them to so many people! The experience I’ve had with Sinclair Day has been just brilliant. They are great at what they do as well as being affordable. It’s certainly taken a weight off my shoulders now that everything is taken care of in terms of our accounting.

Matt Busby, Managing Director, The Name Label Company

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