HMRC notices

March 18, 2020

Junior ISAs

Junior ISAs were introduced to encourage parents to save money for their children and to provide an alternative to the Child Trust Funds (CTF) that were only available to children born after 31 August 2002 and before 3 January 2011. It is possible to
March 4, 2020

Tax treatment when transferring income streams

Special rules apply to transfers of income streams. The rules make it clear that the sale of an income stream - designed to turn economic income into a return that is treated by tax law as capital - is unlikely to work. For example, shareholders
February 26, 2020

Property rental income and bad debt

In most cases, property rental income must be brought into account in the year in which the income was earned, even if the invoice has not yet been paid. However, a deduction is allowed in respect of bad & doubtful debts. These are debts which
January 29, 2020

Importing from EU after 31 January 2020

HMRC has published a useful list to help businesses be prepared to import goods from the EU to the UK after the 31 January 2020 Brexit date. In the short-term there will be a transition period during which all rules remain the same. The Government