Payroll outsourcing: Why should I do it?

Outsourcing payroll comes with many benefits if completed by the right people, discover how our accountants can support this.

Payroll is the process of paying your employees the right amount within an agreed period. This includes tracking the number of hours worked, holiday entitlement, pension contributions and calculating the pay with the relevant deductions. Many benefits come alongside payroll outsourcing and our accountants in Worcester will expand on these within this blog.

Save valuable time

As a business owner, your time is an extremely valuable asset to the company and is often taken up by some time-consuming tasks that could be taken off your hands. Payroll can often be one of these responsibilities that eats up a good portion of your time or can simply be missed due to your hectic schedule.

Outsourcing payroll to Sinclair Day can enable you to free up time and dedicate it to other initiatives in your business such as development or sales. Leave it to our specialist accountants to ensure your staff are paid correctly and on time, as well as taking off the right deductions that your business is required to pay, such as pension contributions.

Reduce costs

You may not have the funds available for the recruitment and training of a staff member to look after your business payroll services. Instructing our accountants in Worcester doesn’t require additional costs or training time, we can start immediately and genuinely know our stuff, from legalities to the accounting software required.

Avoid any penalties that are a result of mistakes or missed payments. With our support, you can keep on top of your business’ finances and your employees paid as they should be. We use reliable automated accounting softwares of which are partnered with the skills of our Worcester accountants to create the perfect outsourcing payroll service.

Improved security

When you choose Sinclair Day to handle your payroll services, you can feel confident in knowing all confidential data about your employees is stored in a safe place. With multiple backups and several ways to prevent data breaches, your company information is well-protected and reduces the risk of any harm to your business.


Relying on one person or a small team of accountants in your business can present the risk of having no cover in cases of absence. With holidays and sickness, the speed and output of your payroll services can be hindered and you may be left in the dark if you were to lose your dedicated team for whatever reason. Our team of accountants in Worcester will be there whenever you need us and you won’t be left worrying about how you can pay your employees without the necessary information and knowledge. Keep your employees happy at all times and able to pay their personal bills, don’t leave yourself with no resources to make this happen on payday and struggling to find the resources to replace your financial team.

With regular payments all throughout the year, you won’t face any of these problems with outsourced payroll from Sinclair Day.

Get in touch with our accountants

We are a forward-thinking accounting firm that always has your business in each of our minds. Therefore, we genuinely care about your business and the people that it is made of, so we can offer payroll services that meet the needs of your business. Get in touch with our accountants to discover how we can help you with this and deliver exceptional results.

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