The Benefits of Working With our Accountants

What are the benefits of choosing our Accountants for your business and its financial affairs?

How best to explain the benefits of working with our Worcester Accountants? Sinclair Day is a forward-thinking accountancy covering the Worcestershire, Herefordshire and surrounding areas. Well, I thought how about describing the impact we have had on our clients. So, here’s our next one:

We have recently started working with an e-commerce business who were struggling to pull together all of their sales from the various platforms and tie these up with the funds coming in.

As a consequence, their Xero was not up to date and they would spend a couple of days trying to sort it out every quarter just in time for their VAT return to be filed.

They didn’t feel they had a true picture of how their business was doing and didn’t have complete confidence that their figures were correct.

What did our accountancy do to help?

When our accountancy started working with them, we had a meeting to thoroughly understand their business, their sales platforms and processes and the challenges/issues they were having.

We then put together a proposal on how we could best support them and the processes that were needed to give them up to date reports so that they could see how their business was doing and confidence that these figures were accurate. Importantly, we also wanted to stop the owner having to dedicate 2 days every quarter in a mad panic trying to complete a VAT return.

We linked up their suppliers and sales platforms to Dext so that data is being collated daily; we’ve got the bank feed working into Xero for Paypal as well as the current account and agreed a process for the owner to follow to ensure that any other paperwork is captured within Dext.

We complete the client’s bookkeeping an a weekly basis, bringing all of the data from Dext into Xero, reconciling the banks and emailing any queries to the client. Their VAT returns are completed 2/3 weeks after the end of the VAT quarter, without any involvement from them, but giving them plenty of notice of the amount due.

Every month, they receive a report detailing their creditors and debtors, where applicable. Every quarter, they receive detailed reports analysing their business, it’s income and expenditure, as well as trends and anomalies.

The result, we have an extremely happy client who knows how their business is performing, has confidence in their figures, has great systems and processes in place and doesn’t have to give up 2 days every quarter in a panic to complete a VAT return!

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By partnering with a reputable and experienced accountancy firm, you can gain a deeper understanding of your business's financial health and make informed decisions to help grow your business. Moreover, working with an accountancy firm can save you time and effort, allowing you to focus on the core aspects of your business. If you are looking for reliable accountants near me, choose Sinclair Day for ideal solutions.

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