Unlock your potential with our Xccelerate business planning programme.

Turning your dreams into reality

One of the main problems with running your own business is lack of time. Your focus is on dealing with immediate priorities and there are few opportunities to plan ahead. But what about the future? If you don’t plan ahead or set any business objectives, how are you going to achieve growth?

The Xccelerate programme provides you with a framework to help you grow your business. The step-by-step schedule identifies the tasks needed to move the business forward and you are given a specific timeframe in which to complete these tasks. This makes the whole process much more manageable and you and your team members can share the responsibility of completing the tasks. One of the key advantages of Xccelerate is that it creates a stronger team dynamic with everyone contributing to the growth of the business.

Unlock your potential

The on-going programme is broken down into 90 day chunks and covers four core areas: Strategy, People, Execution and Finance. You can measure your progress as you go along, reflecting on learning points and establishing your own KPIs for future use. Halfway through each 90 days, there will be an opportunity for you to discuss your progress with us here at Sinclair Day. We have a lot of experience of working with a wide variety of businesses. So we will recognise any obstacles you may be experiencing and can help provide strategies to help you overcome them.

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